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I was out picking up much needed notebooks for strategy and work and then thought "I'll just wander in to my fav little shop and see if there's a nice notebook for all things gratitude/ daily delights" I picked up nearly every notebook they had trying to find something small but sturdy that was lined and wouldn't break the bank (journals can be pricey!!) The guy working there asked what I was looking dire and started helping me search through their various options- there was a stunning and expensive one I'll keep on my wish list but I wasn't ready to splash out. He then asked "what's your star sign?" Then handed me a Sagittarius notebook that was lined and just the right sizes and had been recently marked down. He said "the universe is on your side today!" Then as I went to pay he said "you know what- just have it! Enjoy!" So basically the first entry in my own book of delights will be about the delightful way I got the book!

Ann Harrison


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