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Elena is an amazing yogi and goal coach. I had the honor of working with her at lululemon athletica and she was my mentor in and out of work. She was always willing and able to grab coffee and chat before or after work or a yoga class. She has tons of tools to help with coaching -I still go to her for inspiration. She helped me get really clear on my goals, and aided me in setting up specific development plans to achieve them (which I have). I always went to her for coaching if I wasn't sure about how to approach a specific situation or conversation. The tools she gave me now allow me to be a better leader and coach in my current role. She is also a remarkable yoga teacher - before moving, I attended her Thursday night restorative classes at Bird Rock Yoga, and it was always exactly what I needed. Ask her to put you into a deep rest, it is THE most relaxing thing you will ever do. 

Above that, Elena is an incredible human and a better friend. She forms deep, authentic relationships with everyone she meets, and she is a beacon of light, inspiration, and connection.




I call Elena THE "dream-make-happener," because that's what she is, she makes people's dreams come true. She has this special way about her that is so empowering. Elena believes in you so much that you actually begin to believe in you too! You can't help but trust her and want to be around her charismatic way. I have worked personally with Elena on many projects and without a doubt, Elena has coached me to not only reaching my dreams, but getting to live them every day. Elena is an amazing listener, she asks questions that propel you further in what you're working on, or that take you out of a slump. She is encouraging, thoughtful, and has outstanding character. In short, I would put my life in Elena's hands. Thank you Elena for being a mentor in life.


There are not enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe Elena as a person and yoga teacher. Simply put, she is magnificent. When leading a class, Elena makes the students feel comfortable and confident. She can teach a class that has yogis with varying levels of experience from the newcomer to those with decades of practice, and she will simultaneously instil confidence in the newbie while challenging the long time practitioner. Her transitions from pose to pose are smooth and easy to follow. In addition to her calming verbal guidance, she often practices along with the students to provide a wonderful visual aide as well.

Elena listens to her students’ requests or goals before class and her ability to address all of those matters during class was unbelievable because she made it feel like that day’s practice had been planned well in advance, when in fact it wasn’t. Her wealth of knowledge about proper alignment, the body, the mind and the spirit are to be appreciated and I feel blessed for the time I’ve spent with her in the studio. 

In addition to being a great yoga teacher, Elena is one of the most positive people I have ever met. She greets everyone with a genuine smile and the energy she shares with the world is all about happiness and love. If you have the chance to share a few minutes of your life with her, do it. You’ll never regret it.

vince r