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your yoga home

tlc classes are all about refilling your cup, so that you can become the best version of yourself.

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tlc 200 hour ytt 2024

It's finally happenning! The first ever 200 hour tlc yoga teacher training will be coming to you in 2024. Have you been contemplating getting certified as a yoga teacher? Are you interested in taking your yoga practice to the next level?

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retreat with me this year!

tlc memberships

Choose your your preferred yoga subscription, there's something for everyone. 

tlc now

For the super busy person who wants to squeeze a little yoga in.

tlc all ways

For those who love the community feel and get their yoga once a week.

tlc extra

This is for those who want to grow their practice with 121 attention.

be a catalyst

give for gaza

The lovely catalyst is all about being a catalyst for good. By taking time for you you are better able to go out and create a positive ripple in the world. I know you all have the biggest hearts and that the news these days is just devastating. Here is a positive action you can take to help.

help the planet

To help you make a positive impact on the planet I've set up some nifty automatic triggers. Each time you book yourself a class, or pay a retreat deposit, or your monthly subscription renews two positive actions happen. A tree is planted by Ecologi AND 1% of your purchase is used for carbon off-setting. So you do good for you and it instantly does good for the planet. 

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