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get your employees raving about their workplace!

The top-rated employers in the uk know that investing in their employees is the best way to ensure their company’s growth and success.
Offering yoga to your employees shows them that you value their physical and mental wellbeing.
benefits of corporate yoga
  • Improve flexibility and posture

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Increased mental clarity and focus

  • Boost team morale and connection

why online classes?
  • Reach multiple offices and remote workers with one weekly class

  • Immediate privacy for those who prefer cameras off

  • Recording available so if some can’t attend live they can still make use of the benefit

  • Make the most of your limited time in office by hosting classes on work from home days

one off session

Whatever the occasion, we can work together to create a wonderful experience for your employees.


By far the most popular option, classes are typically 45 or 60 minutes offered at a regular time that works best for you. 


Guided meditations for stress relief, exercises to improve posture, stretches to alleviate lower back pain and much more.

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