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happy april fools!!!

bali pic portrait 1.jpg

bali bliss retreat

1st-7th September, 2024

no coffee enemas on my retreats! 


But there is always coffee available! While this was just an April fools post, I am hosting an epic yoga retreat in Bali, Indonesia this September. Swap the cleanses (juice or espresso ones!) for nourishing and fragrant Balinese cuisine. Instead of coffee baths you get refreshing dips in the pool.


While I've yet to meet a monk living only on coffee for 35 years there are opportunities to learn how to make jewelry, weave baskets, learn about local plants, or even enjoy an Indonesian cookery course. Post-savasana we won't immediately down espresso shots, but we will float down to our Balinese breakfast with your choice of fresh mango juice, tea, or of course-coffee. 

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