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& re-energise

 Feel empowered to start the year feeling strong and unstoppable.


Sunday 11th February 9:00am-12:00pm

The Wellness Barn Edinburgh

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join us for a january reset

It's easy to begin the year with the best of intentions and find that very quickly the old unhelpful patterns have crept back in. Join Gemma and Elena as they combine mindset coaching and yoga to give your body and mind the reset you need. 

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Feel like your thoughts and feelings are getting the better of you? This half day retreat will help you take back your greatest superpowers; your powers of thinking, feeling, speaking and taking action.


This way - YOU get to be in charge of what you say, how you feel, what you think and what you do, rather than your thoughts or your feelings or your actions controlling you. Say goodbye to people-pleasing and taking over-responsibility for others, this coaching session will help you feel empowered to start the year feeling strong and unstoppable!


Gemma's coaching will guide you to discover old patterns and master your powers.


Elena will use yoga to get your body & mind open and ready for new thought patterns.


You'll have space to connect with yourself, and with others to aid your transformation.

Reset & Re-energise

Sunday 11th February 9:00am-12:00pm

£85 for this half day retreat at

The Wellness Barn, Edinburgh

in this half day retreat you will get

about us

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Gemma Gilmour

Gemma is a transformation coach dedicated to helping passionate female entrepreneurs step into their full power and authority so that they can grow their business from a state of relaxed trust and flow, to create a significant impact and a life they love. She has a talent for helping women step away from procrastination, perfectionism and the need for control through over-analysing, worst-case scenario thinking and incessant "what if"-ing. By focusing on change from the inside - out and using a blend of neuroscience, neurosemantics and quantum physics she provides a transformational coaching experience that addresses the entire mind-body-emotion-soul system.

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Elena Consoli

Elena’s mission is to make her yoga classes as accessible, welcoming and inclusive as possible. Yoga has the potential to help everyone feel stronger, more open in their bodies and calmer in their minds. Her classes are designed to help each student find the best alignment in their own bodies-- while of course reminding them to have some fun!

Even after a decade of teaching yoga, Elena always remembers that beginner's feeling in yoga. Her passion is teaching yoga to people who have been meaning to try it but feel intimidated as beginners. Her warm welcome and beginner-friendly approach allows everyone in the room to feel calm and confident so that they can get the most out of their yoga experience.

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