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my mission is to be a catalyst for good.

The idea behind the name the lovely catalyst, is that each of us has the power to make positive ripples in the world. This is reinforced in multiple ways at tlc:


-The automatic positive impacts of planting a tree and contributing 1% of all profit to carbon removal that are triggered with each and every purchase.


-The way that yoga makes us feel better, which in turn positively helps all who come into contact with us feel better, too.


-The awareness of how to help others and take positive actions.


200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training San Diego, CA 2013

Restorative Healing and Yin Yoga Level 1 La Jolla, CA 2014

100 hour Blissology Yoga Immersion Bali, Indonesia 2015

Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training London, UK 2019

bali portrait 2.jpg
bali portrait 2.jpg

Even after over a decade of teaching yoga, I will always remember how it felt to be a beginner. How unsure I was of what I was doing, constantly questioning whether or not I was ‘doing it right’. That beginner feeling I experienced as a student is exactly why I love to teach people who are new to yoga.

As a teacher, my aim is to make my yoga classes as accessible, welcoming and inclusive as possible. Yoga has the potential to help everyone feel stronger & more open in their bodies and calmer in their minds. I strive to provide helpful cues so each student can find the feeling of the pose in their own bodies-- while of course reminding them to have some fun!

I began my teaching in studios and on the beach in San Diego. When I moved to London, teaching in gyms and offices allowed me to reach more students who would massively benefit from yoga but may not seek it out for themselves at a studio. Since 2020 I’ve really fallen in love with teaching online and the ability to reach students regardless of location. 

My goal is to help my students feel a little better thus creating a positive outward ripple- a catalyst for good.


i'm not flexible. should i try yoga?

YES! If you don’t feel flexible, then yoga is the best thing you can do! You can even let me know in the form when signing up for class and I’ll be sure to offer you some extra tips to help you increase flexibility.

what should i wear?

Any comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Bare feet are recommended for better grip. If it’s cold, you may want to wear socks for the start of class while seated and again at the end when lying down.

i've got an ache or injury, should i attend class?

If you’ve got tight shoulders, lower back pain or tight hamstrings, then welcome to the club! Yoga is exactly the thing for you.

If you have a new acute injury, rest may be best. When you feel ready to practise safely please be sure to let me know what your injury is before class. This is so important for two reasons, 1) it allows me to plan a class that will work for you 2) we can go over a few modifications at the start of class specific to your needs.

i'm pregnant, should i tell you?

YES! If you want to keep it a secret, I will honour that! Pregnancy has a massive impact on the body, even in the first trimester. In order for me to provide you with a safe class, I definitely need to know that you are pregnant. If there's a demand for it I will also offer a prenatal class tailored specifically to the needs of pregnancy.

can i eat right before class?

The Italian in me is hungry all the time and I’m a big supporter of us getting plenty of food. That being said, our bodies need a bit of time to digest before flowing from up dog to down dog. So, if you are about to join me for a flow class, you’ll probably feel much more comfortable if you haven’t eaten for one to two hours before. You know your own body best, so experiment and decide what timing works for you.

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