podcast episode 5: a chat about travel, giving and gratitude with Sarah Beaumont

Ever dream of leaving your job and traveling the world? Do you wish you could do more to make a difference in other people's lives? Do you think that sounds nice but probably impossible to do? Well, meet Sarah Beaumont, after 12 years working in finance in Manhattan she sold and donated all of her belongings, packed a bag and set off around the world. Ten months and 15 countries later we caught up over a dodgy internet cafe connection in Morocco to share her story. Enjoy!

Links as promised:
www.grassrootsvolunteering.org blog that inspired Sarah
www.charitywater.org organisation Sarah worked with in NYC
www.hands.org  disaster relief organisation

 and alignyour.com the company Sarah has begun working with

If you haven't already disappeared to some wonderful Wi-Fi free destination by next week then check out the lovely catalyst podcast for a wanderlust-worthy practice.

elena x