Hate, fear, and ignorance

I'm going to be honest, I'm scared right now. I'm scared to talk politics because that tends to be an instantly divisive topic. There is something I'm more scared of though, and that is actions coming from hate, fear, and ignorance. So here is me choosing to act rather than to be silenced by fear. 

Just to be clear I am not going to share my political opinions here. My views may be obvious nonetheless, but it is not my intention to convince you of who to vote for or what to think. In my experience that serves no purpose. We all have different perspectives, different lives, different upbringings, different reactions and responses to the world around us, and that is wonderful. I embrace the power and beauty of what makes us different. Why should I try to convince you to agree with my perspectives? I don't believe that works, nor do I believe that is right to do. Your opinions and your actions are entirely up to you.

What I do want to do this month is encourage us all to think and take our responsibility as voters seriously. I'm going to be using comedians and brilliantly performed scripts to share powerful and important ideas to open up a conversation of hope, and possibility here. They will say harsh and sometimes inappropriate things, some of them are extremely obvious in their view points. I am choosing to share these pieces because they contain important truths for all of us to listen to. As we face a huge decision next month I hope that these messages will inspire you to act from love over hate, conviction over fear, and knowledge over ignorance. 

Here is comedian Jim Jefferies, he often says inappropriate things, and is unabashedly liberal. I am sharing this part of his act because he gets very real and serious for a moment discussing the dynamics at play between love and hate. The only thing that can beat hate is love:

Next week check back for the lovely catalyst podcast  where I chat with my favourite politician in the world, an inspiring woman named Satvir Kaur. 

elena x

Elena Consoli