kids help too

Check out this video about an amazing little girl who helps homeless women. Wherever you live, chances are you will face people who are homeless. Many people avoid eye contact for fear of being asked for money, others decide not to give money because they've been taught "they'll just use the money for drugs or drink". Perhaps you do help already; maybe you buy them a water, or some food; maybe you take a few minutes to speak to them or take them for a coffee; maybe you just do the simple act of making eye contact, smiling, and really saying hello. Whatever your knee jerk response to homelessness is, I think it's safe to say we all can learn a lot from this incredible little girl. 

September's inspiring guest is Kim Bauman, founder of The One Love Movement, who speaks with me about her passion for supporting underserved youth. Fighting allergies, my amazing nephews arrival and a weekend with a dear friend from the UK has put me a bit behind on launching the first episode of the lovely catalyst podcast, so please stay tuned for it to go live today! Up next Monday is a heart-opening yoga practice on the lovely catalyst podcast led by yours truly.

elena x