happiness is

I stumbled on this video while sitting in a coffee shop. I thought, "this looks like a simple and sweet message" and by the 1:51 mark I was crying. Turns out this gorgeous and powerful little video was an ad for Thai Life Insurance! The fact that it is an ad does not lessen the power of the message or the beauty in how it is expressed. Give it a watch:

I love the simple acts of the man it follows. Each gesture is small, and yet the impact on his life and those around him is huge. We don't have to be celebrities, leaders, or millionaires to make a difference. It's those little actions that add up over and over to create a ripple effect of positive change. 

Next week I'll be chatting to one woman who is a big deal in my eyes, though you may not have heard of her yet. She is someone who saw a need and stepped up to the challenge. Check back here next week to hear her story.

elena x