podcast episode 7: a chat about self acceptance and yoga with Sarah Alice Lee

Have you ever met someone and knew right away that you would be friends for a long time? That is exactly how I felt when I met Sarah Alice Lee. The first night of training in Bali our mats were next to each other. I was the furthest from home I had ever been in my life, I had traveled there completely alone and had not met anyone yet. Sarah flashed her gorgeous reassuring smile my way and I instantly felt at ease. 

For anyone who has not experienced a teacher training before, they are intense. You may think our days are spent doing yoga, eating healthy, sleep, repeat. Well, you are pretty much right. There is a tiny bit more to it than that though. In training we dive deep into big discussions, we open up old scars, we break physical and emotional patterns, and we share this intense experience with our fellow trainees. 

Through the training Sarah and I shared about some of the biggest moments and struggles in each other's lives. I learned about the many personal battles she faced and have watched as she becomes more and more at home within her self. Listen here as we discuss self acceptance and yoga. 

Here is a link to her blog post as promised: the trying journey of self love

elena x

PS- quite a few of the photos on my site were taken by her, just in case you were looking for a photographer...