bonus episode: a yoga nidra class

I don't know about you but it has been quite a month! Lots of change, a healthy dose of stress, never mind all the hate getting thrown around in the news. After talking to many friends and students I've got the feeling I'm not alone. At times like this it is massively important to take good care of yourself- whatever that means for you. Meditation, bubble baths, friend time, pizza, movies, ice cream, a long run, extra sleep, yoga... whatever fills you back up and makes you feel happy, it's times like these that you need to make you a priority. 

If you are like me you may find meditation or taking time to get real rest difficult. For this bonus episode I have decided to share a yoga nidra practice. Yoga what now? Yoga nidra. It's sometimes called "yogic sleep," sounds good right?

The amazing thing about this type of yoga is that it works for everybody. There is zero physical effort (unless lying still is an effort). There is no need to think, just listen. There is literally nothing you need to do but lay down, close your eyes, and listen. 

Yoga nidra can be used daily to develop a meditation practice, it can be used at night to help you get to sleep, it can ease stress or anxiety, and it can also be used when healing from illness or even trauma. 

Grab your mat, dim the lights, and hit play.

Guided script for class 'Yoga Nidra 2' page 90 of the book 'Yoga Nidra' by Swami Satayananda Saraswati 

Background music 'Deep Peace' by Todd Norian

Apologies for my slightly raspy throat, autumn is definitely upon us! Check back on Monday for the restorative class as promised. 

elena x

Elena Consoli