podcast episode 9: a chat about bliss with Eoin Finn

I first heard of Eoin Finn six years ago when I was selling his yoga dvds at lululemon. Three years later I spotted Eoin at a leadership conference. If you've ever had the opportunity to meet someone you admired, you can probably relate to my concerns- "what if he isn't as kind as he seems?" "what if he ignores me?" "what if saying hi ruins my opinion of him?" 

Well, I decided to risk it and I'm glad I did. He greeted me with a big warm hug, and was exactly as lovely and authentic as I had imagined. A year and a half later I booked a flight to Bali, Indonesia to do a 100 hour yoga training with him and have counted him as a great teacher and friend ever since.

Here's our chat about bliss, purpose, love, and yoga. 

elena x

pic of me with Eoin and two fellow Blissology teachers at the Unroll Europe Tour in Duke of York Square,


From Blissology: "The Blissology symbol really explains our philosophy. The white circle represents the still place inside that fills us with love.   Then there is a series of “part flame and part teardrops” to symbolize both the great joys and great sorrows that open us up to the love inside of us.  The first flame represents our connection to our bodies, the beige flame to our personal relationships, the green to our communities and the finally the blue flame represents our connection to nature.

This is our mission. To connect to the still place inside and let it guide us in all our relationships so we leave a legacy of Love."