podcast episode 3: a chat about change and politics with satvir kaur

I have a funny trait, you may have heard of it, it's called "Resting Happy Face." That's right, to the unobserved eye people with RHF seem to always be happy. Some may wonder how and why we are always happy, others may find it irritating. I used to apologise at work when I'd been very cranky and stressed out only to have my boss and coworkers laugh off my apology and exclaim "Elena, your 'cranky' is our normal happy attitude!" 

What's my point here you may ask? What on earth does a constant smile have to do with politics? Well, I'm explaining this strange and sunny disposition of mine because there are a few things that truly make it vanish instantly. For those who have met me, you may struggle to imagine it. For those who know me well enough, you've seen when that smile goes away. Here are the things most likely to break my RHF (and not necessarily in this order):

• my hormones

• seeing acts of hatred and violence

• politicians

Yup, politicians are on my shortlist. Hearing their mud slinging ads, reading about their behaviour in the papers, researching their records on what they've accomplished, hearing them say one thing when we've got videos of them saying the exact opposite. These things make me livid. Politicians are one of the top things that make me cynical and want to give up hope for the future. They are, after all, the ones whose decisions and actions have the biggest and most direct impact on the world. They are the people who we need to be able to trust. We need them to be leaders, not power seekers. We need them to fight for our best interests, not theirs. We need them to act with integrity, not dishonesty. 

At those times when I feel most hopeless about the state of politicians in our world I thankfully remember my friend Satvir Kaur. I had known her for several years before she became a politician. I know her as a human, I know her values, I've witnessed her courage and integrity, and I am thankful that she faces the challenges of a political life with authenticity. She is human, she has weaknesses, and she isn't always perfect, but she is honest and she does fight for what she believes in. Knowing her and watching her career unfold gives me hope in what is possible for the world. 

In this episode we talk about how she came to be a politician, what she hopes to accomplish, and the struggles and triumphs she faces on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy:

elena x